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Our Story...

.....The Pixel Parrot Design Story

Welcome to the Pixel Parrot Design blog and thank you for stopping by! A space where creativity knows no bounds, and every design tells a story. Today, I want to share a very personal journey with you — the story of how Pixel Parrot Design hatched from a simple crafting hobby into the thriving design studio it is today. It's a tale of passion, perseverance, and parrots, of course!

The Early Days: A Spark of Creativity

Once upon a time, amidst the chaos and love of raising four incredible kiddos (who are now - a wise 16-year-old, adventurous 11-year-old twins, and a spirited 8-year-old), I stumbled upon my knack for design & crafting. From whipping up birthday cards to spinning DIY decor, my life was a whirlwind of glitter, glue, and giggles. Little did I know, these everyday adventures were nurturing a seed of creativity within me, ready to bloom.

What started as a weekend hobby quickly blossomed into a passionate pursuit. I found joy in crafting and creating unique home decor, and personalized gifts for friends and family. Each piece was a labor of love, infused with creativity and a touch of whimsy.

The Birth of Pixel Parrot Design

As my crafting adventures continued, a recurring theme emerged: a love for vibrant colors, playful designs, and, most importantly, parrots. These feathered friends, known for their intelligence and flair, became my muse and eventually the namesake of my dream: Pixel Parrot Design.

And would you believe? The name 'Pixel Parrot Design' was a spark of inspiration that landed on my shoulder years before, waiting patiently for its moment to shine.

Born from the playful mimicry of my daughters, who, like little parrots, echoed my every move, our logo symbolizes the essence of learning, creativity, and the joy of sharing passions across generations.They watched, they imitated, and before long, they began to contribute their own ideas and creativity to the mix.

Incorporating parrots into our brand identity was a nod to this beautiful, chaotic, and utterly rewarding journey. It's a tribute to the idea that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, and that leadership and learning are, indeed, reciprocal processes. My daughters, believing themselves to be my business partners, have injected into our brand a sense of wonder, a dash of whimsy, and a large dollop of love. 

The transition from hobbyist to entrepreneur wasn't planned. It was the result of countless requests from people who saw my work and wanted a piece of that creativity in their lives. They saw what I had yet to see — that my passion had the potential to soar beyond the confines of a hobby.

Juggling the roles of a full-time corporate professional, a dedicated mother to four beautiful souls, and the visionary behind a thriving small business, my life is a testament to the belief that women can indeed have it all - with a generous sprinkle of hard work, determination, and a dash of creativity. My journey is a balancing act, performed on the tightrope of daily challenges, each day a step towards achieving my dreams while nurturing and providing for my family.

Taking the Leap

Deciding to turn Pixel Parrot Design into a small business was daunting. I was stepping into uncharted territory, armed with nothing but my creativity and passion.  The early days were filled with learning — from understanding the basics of running a business to learning digital design tools that would allow my creations to reach a wider audience. I'm proud to say everything you see is self-taught from my graphic skills, digital art, and even my own website! It's taken forever and I know its not perfect, but I've worked on it and built it on my own. 

The website, www.pixelparrotdesign.com, became my digital nest. It was designed to be a reflection of everything Pixel Parrot Design stands for:  A labor of love, every pixel reflects the essence of what Pixel Parrot Design embodies - creativity, quality, and a touch of playfulness. It's a place where clients can discover the range of services we offer, from branding and graphic design to customized gifts and beyond. 

The Journey So Far

The road from a crafting hobby to a successful small business has been anything but straight. It's been filled with challenges, learning experiences, and, most importantly, growth. Each project has been an opportunity to push creative boundaries, to connect with amazing clients, and to contribute to their stories with my designs.

Pixel Parrot Design is more than just a business; it's a testament to the power of following your passion. It's proof that with hard work, creativity, and a bit of courage, it's possible to turn your dreams into reality.

Looking to the Horizon

As I look to the future, my heart is full of gratitude for the journey so far and excitement for the adventures that lie ahead. Pixel Parrot Design will continue to evolve, always staying true to its mission of bringing creativity to life through thoughtful design.

To our clients, friends, and fellow dreamers, thank you for being part of this journey. Your support and trust mean the world to us. Here's to many more years of creating, designing, and dreaming together.


Love & Prayers,


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