FAQ- @The Tone-Audio Guestbook


How does it work?


Your guests pick up the receiver & listen to a pre-recorded message.


After the tone, your guests will leave you a message / sing you a song or give you some words of wisdom.


Once finished, hang up & repeat.After your wedding/event, we will send you all of the recordings for your keepsake, to cherish forever.


Can I add a custom greeting message for my guests?

Yes, of course!


Is there a limit on how many recordings the Audio Guest Book can hold?

None what so ever, more there better!


When will I received my Audio Guest Book?

You will receive your audio guest book recordings between 5-10 days after we receive the phone back.


Where should I put the Audio Guest Book at my venue?As a rule of thumbwe recommend placing the Audio Guest Book in a location you could comfortably have a phone conversation.