Terms and Conditions for Rental Agreement


This Audio Guestbook Service Rental Agreement ("Agreement") is provided by Pixel Parrot Design ("Service Provider"), located in the United Arab Emirates. By completing the booking process online, the individual or entity making the booking ("Renter") agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement as set forth herein.

1. SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT The Service Provider agrees to provide the Audio Guestbook Service for the Renter's event on the date and at the location provided during the online booking process. The Service includes the use of one (1) retro telephone with recording capabilities  and delivery of the recorded audio files  within 10 days of pickup/delivery of the phone after the event.

2. RENTAL PERIOD The rental period shall begin and end on the dates and times specified in the online booking details. Up to a 4 day Rental Period.

3. PAYMENT TERMS Payment for the service must be completed during the online booking process. The total

and any deposits required will be clearly stated during this process.

Preloaded Voice Greeting - Included in the hire of the Equipment is having your personalized voice greeting preloaded into the Guest Book so it is heard by users prior to leaving a message. You agree to record and send your voice greeting to Pixel Parrot Design after booking. If you fail to provide your voice greeting prior to 10 days before the Start Date then your Guest Book will be loaded with a generic greeting,

4. CANCELLATION POLICY If cancellation occurs, the following fees will apply, as detailed during the booking:

  • Cancellations made more than 30 days before the event will incur a 250aed cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made fewer than 30 days before the event- no refund.


Any request for a date change must be made in writing (via email) at least thirty days in advance of the original event date; and we will try our best to accommodate.

5. EQUIPMENT USE The Renter agrees to use the equipment solely for its intended purpose and according to any operating instructions provided. No modifications to the equipment are allowed. Proper operation of the Audio Guestbook phone includes picking up the handset, listening to the voicemail recording, waiting for the beep, speaking clearly into the phone, and then hanging up the phone to save the message.  We make no guarantees for any items outside of the aforementioned normal operations of the Audio Guestbook, and under no circumstances will be responsible for any of the following: Unsaved or unrecorded messages due to guests not properly hanging up the phone; Poor placement of phone in a low-trafficked area resulting in only a few guest messages; Any specific number of final recorded messages; Loud background noise from placement of the phone near speakers or in a loud environment; A non-functioning phone or lost files where the startup & shutdown instructions (included with rental) were not properly followed; Non-use of the phone by choice or otherwise; or any other scenarios that would be outside of us fulfilling this service rental agreement of sending a working Audio Guestbook phone.

6. DAMAGES The Renter is responsible for any damage to or loss of the equipment from delivery to retrieval, excluding normal wear and tear. The Renter agrees to pay for the repair or replacement of damaged equipment.

Audio Guestbook Phone – 3000aed

USB-C Charger –100aed

Battery Pack – 200aed

LED Sign - 250aed

7. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  The Service Provider may  use portions of the content for promotional purpose unless otherwise specified in writing by the client.

Copyright Ownership - All copyright is shared between Pixel Parrot Design and the Renter and both have the right to reproduce the content. You agree that we may use the content for promotional purposes unless you advise otherwise prior to the Hire Period. You agree to release all claims to profits that may arise from our use of the content. We will not use content for promotional purposes which is deemed unsuitable or may be personally damaging to any person/s. You agree not to use the content for commercial purposes without written consent from Pixel Parrot Design.

8. LIABILITY The Service Provider is not liable for indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages related to this service or equipment use.

9. FORCE MAJEURE Neither party is responsible for failure to fulfil obligations due to causes beyond their reasonable control, such as natural disasters, war, or government restrictions.

10. ENTIRE AGREEMENT This Agreement represents the entire understanding between the Service Provider and the Renter regarding the Audio Guestbook Service. Changes to this Agreement are effective only when agreed upon in writing.